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Motoring Events

Specialist in filming and photographing motoring events.

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Pemberton and Hague

Suppliers of Roaming Street Theatre entertainment in a minature 1930s Gangster Car. The Great Gatsby meets The Whacky Races. We are Vintage, circus, dance artists stuck in the 1930s American Gangster movie era and drive a Minature comedy Gangster Car! Roaming Street Theatre is our bag and Classic Car events are where we are being booked... a lot. Vintage 1930’s vaudevillian gangster double act for the modern world. Pemberton and Hague present a high quality, entertaining and immaculately dressed 3D Live action Cartoon. Our two gangsters with their fine tailored suits perform an Interactive drive by comedy in a miniature car.

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VFS Motor Racing Videos

We also carry out filming at UK Classic Motor Racing Shows such as Race Retro and the NEC Classic Motor Show. We also sell all types of Motor Racing Memabilia and are agents for Duke Videos.


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