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We will happily admit that one of the real reasons we run Car Festival Booking is to read the stories our Members generously share with us. Whether it's about a classic, vintage or something less glamorous, without our Members anecdotes Car Festival Booking wouldn't be half as fun to run.

So thanks to all those who have contributed so far and keep your eyes peeled for new stories appearing all the time on the STORIES section of Car Festival Booking.

Barrie  the Bedford Chevanne 1977

A true Luton manufactured vehicle.

On of two known to survive for 1977 , the other I also own and is currently partly restored. There are around 13 total in existence for all years.

Named after the last person to use it on the road in the 90's . It was owned by a painting and decorating business boss. They painted it white from its original Flame Red and put estate windows, a back seat and sunroof in it.

It was common back then for company bosses to buy Car derived Vans and do this so they have a company paid for "car" without the tax penalties that they can run their family around in.

They sold it to a film company where it appears to have been a background car in one film at least. They painted it blue (badly) and removed the windwes.

They were going to scrap the van but fortunately somebody in Durham rescued it and put it on Ebay. I drove my chevette up from Sussex to view it and did a deal with the guy then.

Barrie the van is used as a daily work vehicle for Kijoma Solutions Ltd and often does 16k Miles a year running around the country.

He is maintained and serviced entirely in house but has not been restored since its 1998 condition . This means the under bonnet , interior and any close inspection will show the many "repairs" and paint jobs of variuos qualities that have occured in the past.

Barires total mileage is unknown but he has done over 48k miles since I put him back on the road at the start of 2015.

The blue colour is unknown so any paint repairs do not match.

Eventually Barrie will have to retire from work and come off the road for restoration work. Until then he will continue to earn his keep.