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Car Festival Booking vehicle of the month

Known for their huge trucks, Daf also made a range of cars in the 1960-70s, all with CVT transmission, which Daf invented, naming it "Variomatic". As the original "rubber band" car, this was the baby of the Daf range, the bigger ones later becoming Volvos. This little car's covered only 33 thousand miles in its 47 years and was still bears the original selling garage's sticker in the rear window-Two Strokes, of Stanmore! Apart from sporting yellow (French style) halogen headlights and inertia seat belts, the car's just as it left the factory in Eindhoven, Holland! The 746cc horizontally opposed air cooled twin cylinder engine is well able to keep up with modern traffic and is used regularly, including a number of classic car shows and rallies.

Since owning it I've changed the belts, after one snapped on the M1 and I've also replaced a snapped half-shaft, aside from routine servicing and maintenance. It regularly returns 35-40 M.P.G., although the all drum brakes take some getting used to, after modern all disc systems, complete with power assistance and A.B.S.!

It's the Dutch answer to the British Mini and I love it!

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