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Car Festival Booking vehicle of the month

I bought my Allegro 1100 DeLuxe last April, whilst strying to find a Morris Minor. The search for a decent Moggt drew a blank, so I started looking for something else that would be basic and easy to maintain. I stumbled across the Allegro on eBay and went half heartedly to view it. As soon as looked at the car in 'knew' that in terms of condition and originality, this was the car I'd been looking for.

The car had been bought new in late 1975 by a gentleman in Luton, Bernard Watford, a senior test engineer for Vickers. I knew all about Bernard from the masses of paperwork that came with the car, including evidence that it had been donated to museum in 2005. I wrongly assumed that the car had been donated by Bernards family as he would have been in his mid 80s when it went on display. Using the info I had, I set about tracing the famliy, with the help of a local paper journalist and displaying the car at a show in Luton. Thankfully I struck gold and via a neighbour who recongnised the car a the show, I found Bernard alive and well, still living at the same house he was in in 1975!

The reunion with Bernard and the car was priceless and something that really makes researching a cars history so worthwhile. Another bonus was meeting and subsequently getting to know Harris Mann. Harris is the famous ex-BL designer that came up with the initial styling for the Allegro and also designed the TR7 and Princess. The car now sports his signature on the inside of the bootlid and a hand drawn picture of my actuall car hangs on the wall of my office at home.

The Allegro is one of the most ridiculed British cars of all time, often appearing on 'the worst cars in the world' type books. I have to say that it is actually a good car and I don't know what all the fuss is about. It certainly has a really 70s look and feel, but I doubt if it is any worse to drive than a similar size car from the same period. The Hydragas suspension gives a smooth, although occasionally bouncy ride and it certainly handles the modest power coming from the 1098cc A-series engine, the same as what you would find in a Mini Clubman. Being a 'Deluxe' actually means it is the most basic Allegro and has rubber flooring, like you find in a van, instead of carpet. Mod cons are few and far between, simple trim, a heated rear window, 2 speed heater is about it - but on the flip side there isn't much to go wrong. Perhaps the best way to decribe an Allegro 1100 is that it is like a giant Mini, but with an Marmite love it or hate it body shape! 

(picture shown is the car on Bernards driveway, taken on the day that he was reunited with the car.)

We will happily admit that one of the real reasons we run Car Festival Booking is to read the stories our Members generously share with us. Whether it's about a classic, vintage or something less glamorous, without our Members anecdotes Car Festival Booking wouldn't be half as fun to run.

So thanks to all those who have contributed so far and keep your eyes peeled for new stories appearing all the time on the STORIES section of Car Festival Booking.