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Car Festival Booking vehicle of the month

I set up a business with a good friend in 1989, spent every working hour on the business and all my money, however, I found an old TR6 that needed some love and affection owned by a young chap in Greenwich London, he was Scandinavian and had driven it across Europe by the looks of the fuel receipts in the side pockets. The car was dark blue with the 150BHP engine and overdrive on the gearbox.

I enlisted the help, once again, of my father (bodywork and all round ‘Mr Fix it’) and brother (paint) and we set about getting this car into top shape in my fathers “Magic Garage”. I had designs on changing the colour from Dark Blue to Pimento Red a somewhat more younger mans look! I took the gearbox out and had that with the overdrive unit fully refurbished organised by the guy who ran the Triumph Stag owners club who spookily rented the small factory next to ours.

With the gearbox back, lots of new bushes, springs and some bodywork carried out we were ready for the Red Paint. All the seats and carpets were removed so every part of the car could be turned Red. I had the seats re upholstered by an Aston Martin guy in his spare time - they are still in immaculate condition 30 years later.

I put the car back together and immediately took it for an MOT one Saturday morning in November 1991, I had already got a trip to Beaujolais, south of France, planned that week so was running a little behind schedule, an ambitious drive for a modern car never mind one that has questionable long range capability. The MOT failed on too much play in the wheel bearings, I hadn’t carried out this task previously so I set to it. Having adjusted them according to my father (which was almost certainly spot on), I thought I’d better check with the MOT guy before re-installing them. He advised me to tighten them a little more, which he did on the bench. I put them back on the car, MOT retested and PASSED.

During my ownership of the TR6 I have taken the Groom to the occasional wedding, been to Le Mans and Le Mans Classic, Zandvort Classic and of course taken “him” on the Lands End To John O Groats. In the early days I’d be more than happy to take the fuel pump to bits on the side of the road in the interest of keeping the car original and sheer bloody mindedness of not giving in to this TR perennial problem, I have now succumbed to a Bosch replacement which never fails.


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